Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Christmas Season 2008

It was an eventful and busy yuletide season. I lost a few pounds and had more prominent eye bags. I'm going to write down the sequence of events to help me remember:
1. In school, there were plentiful of extra curricular activities such as the Parents Day celebration on December 7, four weeks of Kris Kringler exchange, students inter-classroom caroling, pupils Christmas party, faculty dance contest (where we ended second to the last place, although I sincerely believe our group could have been first or second placer) and faculty Christmas party.
2. 9 days of early dawn masses.
3. "The Latest Fashion" ballroom dancing party on December 20 at my residence.
4. Brother-in-law Antonio Yu illness got worse sometimes after December 15. Visited him and sister Jeannette at the Notre Dame Hospital. Tony got worse and his family brought him to Davao for better medical attention. I acted as laison person, keeping in touch with his daughter Dessa and reporting his condition to my other siblings in Manila and finally Tony Yu succumbed to the big C and his demise on the 21st of December.
5. Kept vigil with my sister and her family during their hours of sorrow on December 22.
6. My husband and I left Cotabato for Manila to be with our children on the 23rd of December.
7. Christmas Dinner with Uncle Fernando and his family on the 24th.
8. Family day on the 25th
9. I left Manila for Cotabato with Lucas and sis Theng and brother Jun on the 26th.
10. We attended the last wake and the interment of Tony Yu on the 27th
11. Left Cotabato again for Manila with Lucas and Theng and Jun on December 27th.
12. My brother Wilson's birthday in San Juan, Manila on December 27th.
13. New Year's Eve family party at my second home in Quezon City with Jun and Len and Boy and our respective families. (Ollie and Solan in San Francisco, Imelda celebrating with the Yaos and Jeannette together with her children in Cotabato.)

Christmas and New Year's pictures to follow when I return to Cotabato soon.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Sister Jeannette

My sister Jeannette is experiencing her saddest Christmas season. Her husband Tony Yu died last Sunday December 21,2008  after a year of lingering illness. My heart goes out to her and her family. My husband and I together with my siblings Imelda and William  went to Cotabato on December 26 to be with sis Jeannette. Her husband's body was laid to rest on the 27th of December. Sister jeannette had been very strong all the while during her husband's illness and death. I hope and pray she will remain strong when loneliness sets in. May God help her during this difficult time of bereavement. 

Monday, December 22, 2008

Christmas decors

My other Christmas decors are also gift items from kins:

The snowman candle though, I bought from Unimart, Greenhills
One of the stain glass angels was gift from sister Helen during our trip to Atlanta, Georgia; the other one I bought for myself.
Pinecorns I picked from Atlanta, Georgia
Candle Christmas tree, I bought from Home, SM

Sunday, December 21, 2008

my Christmas tree "conversation pieces"

This from my first rotary exchange student. The item came all over from usa

My little Christmas tree has plentiful of memories. The decors are from relatives and friends all over. They are a wonderful collection and very precious. Let me tell you something about them:

Saturday, December 20, 2008

"the latest fashion" ballroom dancing 2008

Hahaha, our latest ballroom dancing get-up, I think couldn't be as up-to-date anymore. Here are some pictures taken.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Dawn masses

My husband and I wake up at 4 AM to attend the 4:30 dawn masses every morning. I hope to do it for nine days till Christmas. I don't know, maybe it will be harder to finish it in Manila.
At first I was thinking of foregoing the masses this year due to the physical strain of waking up very early, and I am feeling tiresome after work from school; but I have many things to thank for this year, most specially the advancements and achievements of my children in schools and careers, and the good health of the entire family.  And I still have many things to petition for....for continuous blessings from the Lord.....for our good health, safety, peace and happiness. Merry Christmas to all!!!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

PTA chorals

The cci  kindergarten parents were sorely disappointed that they landed last place in the choral contest. I wasn't expecting them to be number one but I wasn't expecting them to be last either. Anyway these are some of their mistakes: The boys at the back didn't memorize their piece. They held big beautiful Christmas cards as music folders :) One of the girl in front obviously didn't have stage discipline. (She was gigling, smiling, singing louder than the others and elbowing the other girl opposite her) and also the organ was a little bit too loud. The over all performance though was ok, the medley was harmonious and the arrangement more complicated ( I think the judges should have given them more points on the musical arrangement ). It turned out their practice was better than their performance. Anyway the parents day celebration is now over. Kudos to the officers who worked hard to make it successful. Happy Parents' Day!

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Yuletide' 08

Christmas is fast appoaching. Although I will be going to Manila for the holidays, yet I have decked the house already with lights and lanterns and Christmas accessories.( I don't want the house to look malunkot.) I have yet to put up my Christmas tree. I maybe do it this coming Saturday. I am also deliberating whether to attend the dawn masses this year, as I am not feeling very apt this December. We'll see by next week. We'll be having our Saturday dance group party early this coming December 13 at home with " the latest fashion " as our theme.  Friends will bring pot luck snacks fare. It will be an after supper dance party. 

Monday, December 1, 2008


I am just feeling tired, despite the long weekend which started last Friday to Monday. Maybe it's the concern for the Parents' Day celebration which will be this coming Sunday December 7. The kids are going to render one choral song for their parents and the parents will have a barrio fiesta, folk singing choral contest among themselves divided into kindergarten, primary, intermediate and high school levels. The parents are all excited practicing their piece ( I could not however join them because of my forever hoarse voice) but I am giving my moral support and I think they are appreciative of my supporting role naman.(hehehe) I am just concentrating on my teaching job but I'm really feeling tired this morning. Maybe more from stirring up all those other teachers concerned to get them more involved with the parents day activities. Hay.......just tired...