Friday, January 15, 2016


Many changes are expected to come this year. I pray to God that all will lead to goodness and fruitfulness:
1. Martha is resigning from her work in Meralco. Working at Meralco has plentiful of benefits, but she wants to be more actively involved in company projects. She feels it is moving too slowly and is afraid that she will be wasting a lot of her time and talent. So Martha is now transferring to work to a small industrial engineering company where a lot of her supervision is required. She needs to go visit factories though, and that is where I am most concerned about, because a lot of these factories are located outskirts. I worry about her daily long commute, what with the horrendous metro Manila traffic and all. O Lord please protect Martha from all harm and danger.
2. Marion will soon be embarking for New Zealand to pursue her ph.d. She is in fact leaving this February. I am actually happy for her, for having this opportunity to expand her horizon, with scholarships from both universities in New Zealand and the Philippines. But New Zealand is so far away. O Lord, please protect Marion from all harm and danger. 
I always worry about my daughters safety. O Lord, please keep them safe and healthy and happy. Together with our most loving and blessed mother, please watch over them. I put my hope and faith and trust in you. Please keep them safe and one in you.

Sunday, January 10, 2016

Random Pictures

Random pictures taken on November and December of 2015:
 At the airport going to Cebu with Roy, Emil and Sui Ling.
Playing sungka with Dylan at Kandaya
Infront of the Christmas tree at Quest Hotel, Cebu
The ladies at Park Tower, Cebu for family pictorials.
The original Lucas C. Tan family
With Martha and Marion at the Ayala light show in Makati.
Grandma and Dylan at the Ayala light show.
Emil, Dylan and Angel doing archery at Sandbox, Porac, Pampanga.
Yuri on the mound playing near the zipline.
Tom and Yuri playing mini golf.

Eating together at Conching's, Cebu
Eating together at Pico de Loro, Batangas
Eating at Kandaya
Going to mass at Daan Bantayan
Roy and Lucas at the lobby of Quest Hotel, Cebu City.
In Makati ( with two of our helpers)
Beautiful Christmas light display.

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Christmas and New Year Holidays

My husband Lucas and I spent our Christmas and new year holidays in Manila. We emplaned to Manila from Cotabato on December 23, 2015. Tom, Angel and the grandkids were there many days ahead of us, coming from Cebu. It's another family bonding holidays except for Roy who flew back to Seattle from Cebu last November after his two weeks leave from work. From Seattle, Roy was scheduled to see his cousin Jeremiah in Tennessee for Christmas though. He won't be alone for Christmas, that's for sure. God has given us a Savior. A savior born to a holy family. May my own family projects the love you have given us, O Lord.

Below are some pictures taken during the holidays:
At the Meralco Christmas display park, while waiting for Martha.
Hot pot Christmas dinner with my family.
Opening of Christmas presents on Christmas Eve.
At Sandbox, Porac, Pampanga for adventure rides. The adult kids had fun!
Family picture on New Year's Eve. Thank you Lord for a wonderful year.
New Year's Eve party at home with my siblings and their families.
Fireworks from the neighborhood.
On New Year's Day, hot spring bathing with sister Helen and her family at a private jacuzzi in Los Banos, Laguna.
Happy new year to one and all! May the good Lord bless us more abundantly this year 2016! Happy New Year!!!