Wednesday, March 25, 2009

a very long March

This March finds me working hard, finishing my tasks in school:
1. Going over all the notebooks and work texts of the kids, pasting all remaining quizzes,  finishing remaining exercises, computing all the grades, getting the weighted percentages   etc etc
2. Preparing finals test papers - I make lively test papers with lots of picture clues. I enjoy  making good looking test papers though. hehehe
3. Signing pertinent papers and records as department head.
4. Deliberation of honors
5. Graduation rehearsals ( lots of issues here )
6. Graduation Day
7. Recognition day for undergraduate honor pupils ( many issues from the parents )
8. Parties, parties and parties
9. Reports and clearances
10. and everything is not over yet....hehehe...more eating engagements to come

To add to all of these physical activities an emotional concern for my family in Manila....... Two weeks ago, a house maid in Manila got sick. After an on and off recurrence of fever, she was confined at St. Luke Hospital. The doctors there would not admit her in the ward but rather put her instead in a private room for suspicion of infectious disease. After undergoing several blood testing, she was diagnosed to be sick of german measles. Angel, my daughter-in-law who attended to the sick helper while at home was six months pregnant and this really got us all worried that she may get contaminated with rubella. For the boys,  Tom and Emil had either contracted or was vaccinated with the disease but the girls, nobody could recall. Angel went to see her OB and the twins, their pediatrician. They went through certain blood testing to determine whether they had the illness before. While waiting for the results which took days, I asked all of them to pray. We were most concerned about Angel and the baby in her womb. (The sickness is most critical to the unborn child.) During those few days, I think my heart sank to the bottom of my stomach. I prayed really hard... I added my call for help to the Blessed Mother who is a mother to us all, to St. Joseph - protector of our homes, to St. Therese of the Child Jesus to intercede... and finally Angel's test result came and lo, I was so happy for she had been exposed to the illness before and is immune from it already. I am really really very thankful for her protection. I love you my God for loving us.
Updating the blood results, the twins had negative indications and so they went for their vaccinations last Saturday. After which they celebrated their birthday with their high school peer group at trinoma.
And Tom has renovated and repainted the children's room this March. I saw the pictures from Tom"s site. What a long March :) Done so many things and the month is not over yet. hahaha

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

cci finals

CCI is having its final examination week. All testing must end this Friday, yet today March 10 is already my last day of finals in English Communication. But there is no relief yet. There are still test papers to correct and grades to compute and deliberation of honors and faillures too. Infact a lot of parents came to school this morning: those who were fetching their children to bring them home earlier after the exam, those who came in behalf of their children to ask for special consideration due to illness, some parents came to see me to discuss about a kiddie graduation party in the premise; and a lot more parents I saw in the administrative building discussing with teachers and department heads regarding their children behavioral and academic problems. (By the way the principal was not around the whole day through). There was this one unreasonable mother crying. She was angry at a certain teacher. She couldn't believe her daughter would lie to her and blame it all on the teacher. Then as if things were not chaotic enough, we were informed of a faculty meeting at 10AM. I left all my uncorrected papers hurriedly to attend the meeting. The faculty meeting was conducted by the president of the faculty organization. It was about our forth coming teacher's excursion in April and the sewing of new sets of uniform for the next school year. Hahaha Surely, I'm going to miss the hullabaloos at cci next school year. hahaha!

Friday, March 6, 2009

35th year wedding anniversary

Our 35th wedding anniverary was happily celebrated with with friends and relatives. Sister Jeannette gifted us with an anniversary cake and it was fun eating it and drinking our champagne too :) hahaha! Enjoy our pictures. ( I just realized that I wore the same outfit as I did during the Chinese New Year) hehehe. What a happy prosperous coincidence!!!

Chinese New Year Pics

The three senior Tan brothers were present this year namely Lucio, Luna and Lucas. Conchita was out of town, Tina was around and I did most of the preparations at home. Lucio came in early. Eugene and family were late, so there was no picture of them. Lucas took few pictures only. I think he was busy drinking beer with Lucio :) hahaha