Friday, January 4, 2019

Late posting for November 2018

Let me first greet you a Happy New Year 2019!!! I have renegade on my posts and account since last November 2018. I had been very busy ......

First, I went to Manila to celebrate my birthday with my daughter Martha and my siblings in Manila on November 10. I turned 67. I celebrated my birthday with a party at my second home. Although I had pains and aches in my body but my spirit was ever young.
2. I went to Manila to see my doctors: I consulted a new cardiologist and saw my old bone doctor. I was having pain on the left side of my body namely my shoulders, shoulder blades, collar bones, neck, ears, head, etc and what not. My heart was okay, but my bone doctor submitted me to few rehabilitation sessions for therapy due to muscle tensions. She also started me with daily stretching exercises. On my part, I began avoiding food high in uric acid. Everything helped, it worked and I started feeling better.
3. I began decorating my second home for Christmas in November. I always wanted my home to be cheerful and Christmas is the joyous season of all. My daughter Marion who was in New Zealand was coming home for the holidays.
4. I met with my old best chums Anita Go and Imelda Bugayong. I met with my best cousin Adele Siy too. My husband Lucas and I met up with his old business friend Jessie Young too. There were so many things and stories to catch up.
5. In Manila, I began my Christmas shopping and started my gift giving early, because I wasn’t going to spent Christmas and new year there. My daughter Marion was coming home in December from New Zealand, and I had decided for the family to spend the holidays at home in Cotabato City.  My children (except for Roy in USA) booked their flights to Cotabato separately to spend Christmas time with me and their father.
6. Since we will be in Cotabato, I planned for a road trip with my family after Christmas. I was going to take them to Siteo Maupot, Magpet and Davao. I needed to book for hotels and rooms as early as possible because of the peak travelling season. We would be ten persons in all for the road trip.
7. And all these things and planning were duly done in the month of November. I simply had no time to blog. Hehehe. More so for the month of December. But this will be in another blog....