Saturday, September 8, 2012

September 8, 2012

This morning I got up early at 5:30 AM to attend mass. It was the birthday feast of our Blessed Virgin Mary. I wanted to show my gratefulness and love for her. She has always been a wonderful loving mother to me. I offered the mass in thanksgiving for the whole family:

Last night (Philippine time), Marion my daughter passed her oral examination with distinction at the University of Warwick, UK! I was so happy and proud and thankful.

Also my husband Lucas, who while suffering severe pain from an inflamed tendon last Wednesday night, was eased of his excruciating pain by a pill that I randomly thought to give him (when prescribed medications were not easing him) after a desperate prayer of plea for help. When he took the pill, his pain lessen and he was able to go to sleep. He is right now under the same doctor's medication and physical rehabilitation therapy. He is fast getting better.

And thankfully I am also presently recovering from a long persistent cough and throat dryness.

Truly, whenever I have problems or concerns that are unbearable beyond me. I ask the blessed mother to help. I recite an extra rosary to connect. You have to believe me that assistance do come quickly in many forms! Indeed, how can we humans ever be helped and saved without our blessed Lady being mother to our Savior and Lord.
I love you O my Divine Mother!