Friday, July 25, 2008


I love Friday nights. I can relax and not think about work. I can stay up late and not worry about  the next morning.  As I grow older, I prefer the peace and quiet of home on Friday nights. I just hope there are more good shows to watch on television.
Saturday morning, I get up late and do some personal chores. At home, I  play my old piano pieces, rearrange some home decors and surf the internet. I do things leisurely slow on Saturday morning. These days, I look forward to reading the Saturday columns of Father Reuter and Ms. Barbara Gonzales. Of all evenings, I love going to party on Saturday night, more for the chika than the food. I used to host dance session at home but my voice these few months is so strained from teaching that I have to rest it for awhile. I have been missing the eating and tsismis sessions that go with the dance too. hehehe..I have to quickly get myself back!

Friday, July 18, 2008

A quick update

This July seems to be a happy jolly birthday month. Aside from my work, I've been attending a lot of birthday parties lately.
There was this occasion where the children of Luna all came home to cotabato to surprise Tina on her birthday. It was a happy event for the family. The surprise homecoming made everybody very happy including me since we literally live in one building.
Last Saturday had me busy preparing for Lucas birthday. We invited intimate friends and relatives to celebrate with us. Food was catered by Tony (former cook of Peach Garden) and sweets from Le Sorelle. Everybody enjoyed the food, the drinks and the comaraderie. The ladies had red wine and they were laughing louder than the men. Infact the guests were happy that the party was more or less more exclusive and enjoyable. I do really prefer a more intimate gathering. The celebrant was happy, as well as the guests.
Last night, Lucas and I attended the grand 80th birthday of Mr. Perfecto Uy. His children and grand children, all from Canada, General Santos and Cotabato City gave him a big bash at South Sea's ballroom. They also brought over Eva, a versatile lady emcee from Manila to entertain the guests. There were plenty of bring home items. Lucas  and I brought two mini cakes home and also two pots of well arranged flowers.
And tomorrow night will be the birthday of Mr. Albert Uy, the owner of south sea's mall. People are requested to come in retro attire. We heard there will be plenty of games and prizes during the party. There will be a lot of people too for sure. But I don't have any retro clothes anymore....hehehe... Anyway.......

Monday, July 7, 2008

flooding in Cotabato

The flood in cotabato after typhoon Frank, has not subsided. Water lilies have gathered up before the newly built delta bridge and formed a lily land mass of more than a hectare along the rio grande river. Low lying areas are flooded, creeks are full and canal water is seeping into homes. Blame it on the waterway drainage system and if unchecked, the situatiion is going to get worse.
Those who know cotabato city well.....NDU is flooded, notre dame village is flooded, Manuel Tan housing along Gutierez st. is flooded, Matampay bridge river bank has high water that overflowed into the Uy's agri drier along Matampay. Last night water went up to Dr. Manuel Chua internet cafe. Water also seeped into Citizen Bazaar and Oro Cotabato.This morning the principal suspended classes at cci for fear of the rising water that was seeping through the walls from the Buan Street. This afternoon though flood has subsided a little. It's a good thing that it has not rained tonight or people are starting to get frighten. Hopefully tomorrow it may get better.