Sunday, September 26, 2010

A Little Bit of Science

Last night I was watching Discovery Channel featuring Stephen Hawking scientific study on the origin of the universe. I am greatly amazed by his brilliant mind despite the debilitating physical impairment. Hawking is our greatest contemporary physicist of modern time. I always marvel at such an intelligent being. My grasp of science isn't even an iota of a tenth of that magnitude. However tiny as I am, sometimes, once in awhile l just want to share my insignificant point of view. Hahaha.
1. Last night I learned from Discovery Channel how the universe started from a single light - I reflectively quickly associate this with Genesis, where from the beginning God said "Let there be light." When I was young, somebody refuted the creation. The bible, he said, should supposedly begin with the creation of the stars, sun and moon before the light. Back then, I didn't know what to say yet I kept faith, now I am happily avenged.
2. I also learned that nothing can travel as fast as the speed of light! So there is one thing that we human can not do! What an amazement!
3. Hawking gave credit to gravity for the spontaneous creation of the universe but gravity he said is not perfect, because of its imperfection thus the universe was created. Can I conclude therefore that light is more perfect than gravity? Can I also say, gravity originated from light? Or where does gravity come from?
4. From the combustion of the center of gravity, elements or compounds or matters are spewed and formed into celestial bodies. It is by a stroke of luck that earth is formed quite differently from the other planets with surface liquid and atmospheric air above,etc. And minerals that were formed millions of years ago in space are incorporated and found on earth today. "By a stroke of luck", our distance from the sun is just right to sustain life. Elements and other compounds were subsequently formed and developed into various form of life on earth.
To make things short, I totally believe in the scientific pronouncement of Stephen Hawking.
5. But agreeing with science does not deter my faith, rather it enhances my belief in God more.
6. Last night while I was watching the footage, I was taken by the phrase "by a stroke of luck" my mind, I like to rephrase that the word of God.........or by the will of God....... Amen.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Mid Autumn Moon Festival

Hello, happy mid-autumn moon festival! Today is lunar calendar August 15.
We moved in to our present abode 30 years ago. 'It is the most auspicious time of the year to move into a new home.' according to my mother-in-law who used to live with us. No need to consult any geomancer. I was not the perfect daughter-in-law but when I became the mistress of my own home, I vowed to be good. I resolved not to cause my mother-in-law any reason to leave this house due to domestic spats. I had many faults but I tried my best to be more tolerant. My mother-in-law stayed with me until she passed away in 1994.
When I moved to this new home, my eldest son Roy was 5 years old, Tom was 3 and Emil just turned 1. In the course of time, I gave birth to identical twin daughters Martha and Marion.
Today the children are no longer living with us in cotabato but they come home for vacations. The rooms are still all well kept. I host dancing sessions and conduct parties occasionally and celebrate family events. It is still very much of a lively home with me daily and loudly instructing the maids on what to do and how to cook. Every morning my helpers clean the house with the radio on full blast. At night, they watch tv shows in my sala. They have somehow become our jolly home companions.
Today, in celebration of our house anniversary, the maids and I prepared sotanghon for the employees in the store to partake. Tonight, I shall have hot tea and mooncake together with Lucas. The celebration is simplified this year because of the bad peace and order situation in Cotabato or else, we used to host pot luck dinner and dice game. Everybody in town is hoping for situation to improve.
Here's wishing all of us a happy, blessed, peaceful day.

Sunday, September 19, 2010

Beautiful Sunday Afternoon

I went up to the roof top this afternoon around 5pm to look at the plants and flowers on our now well tended roof garden. The garden was a small L-shaped patch along the roof edge corner, with few trees, bushes and potted flowers. It had grown wild for sometime and unattended since my mother-in-law passed away, but I revived the roof garden again two years ago by hiring a gardener. And this girl Rowena, she had done well. She used rehashed rice water as fertilizer and now the flowers specially the orchids were abloom. I happily picked 3 branches of white orchids for my vase in the sala. I also picked up red palm seeds scattered on the floor for maybe a floral arrangement. I was not much of an interior decorator but I just loved doing something different once in awhile just for the sheer joy of personal expression. Anyway, while I was about to go down from the roof top, I looked up at the sky. It was almost dusk and the clouds were kind of hanging low. I remembered one of my foster exchange students, who once said. "How come the sky here seems to be so near us." to which I readily agreed. And this afternoon as the sun was setting down, the west horizon came in fiery red orange with few yellow colors in between. Near me, the sky was a clear blue and the clouds above were in lines and rows of reflected orange. The heaven was simply magnificent! I haven't watched sunset from my rooftop for quite a long time now and have I forgotten how beautiful it is. So captivating, so grand, yet so serene and blissful. Thank you God for your beautiful handiwork! I love You so!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Over Eating

It's 11:30 PM and I am still awake. I can't sleep due to a feeling of fullness from over eating. For want of something to do because of the cancellation of our dancing activities, I have resorted to eating. There are plenty of food at home today because our Muslim friends gave out some of their delicacies since it is the end of Ramadan. I even shared the "dudol" this afternoon with our employees in the store. The dudol was cooked mix with durian and it was so sticky that I think it is still stuck in my stomach tonight. I also ate tuna spaghetti and had suman for supper. I also munched on peanuts while watching tv. Tomorrow I need to exercise and hopefully eat less. And work on my will power too!

Thursday, September 2, 2010

No more dancing....

Updating my last post on 'dancing, snacks and chika', regretfully, my friends are not coming anymore because of the down and out, dour and poor security situation in Cotabato.
To date: People in the city can't stop talking about the kidnapping incident of Nelson Tay where he was forcibly taken at gun point from his store by armed men in uniforms. He has since been released but there seems to be no police or military running after criminal elements. Instead there are more rumors of attempted kidnappings and/or surveillance made by unknown armed men around town. Texts and calls are running wild warning people of certain vehicles plying the streets of Cotabato City. Peace and order situations are going out of hand, kind of defiling the good attempts of the newly elected city mayor.
Just few days after the kidnapping, there was a broad day light armed robbery at a private doctors' clinic along busy Sinsuat Avenue highway at noon time. Then there was the holdup at Snow Queen Bakeshop during an early evening rush hour. And the latest heist was yesterday where MonteMart was divested of its goods and merchandises late at night.
As of present writing, a loud bomb blast is heard nearby. O God, when will these vile activities ever stop........
The blast came from the nearby Weena bus station's garbage dumping place, just right across the street infront of Acebedo Optical. No casualty but everybody knows terrorists are on the prowl again. The temerity of these evil deeds during the holy month of Ramadan. May God punish them severely, very severely.