Monday, July 17, 2017

Cebu Trip

This July 2017, my husband lucas and I went to Cebu City to visit our children namely, Tom and his wife Angel and two grandkids Dylan and Yuri, and Emil and his fiancée Suiling. Both Tom and Emil transferred residences this year, hence forth I wanted to see how they were living. I stayed or rather we stayed with tom and his family. The place of Tom was nice. It had bigger rooms and toilets compared to his last apartment. It felt a lot cooler and more comfortable too. It was also very covenient, near the mall and supermart, just across the street. Emil and Suiling on the other hand were not quite settled yet. They had a big house but everything was still temporary. They will be getting married this coming November. I discussed with them regarding wedding preparations; first and foremost I want them to be happy, healthy and safe. It will be a simple wedding event but they will be doing whatever they feel most happy to do. This I am sure will be a unique but most enjoyable affair. My husband Lucas and I have only our best and happiest wishes for both of them. May our good Lord bless them with his compassion and kindness.

In Cebu, my husband and I had great time bonding with the grown children and grand children. The first night upon our arrival, Angel and Sue and I took time to cook delicious crabs for dinner. Those live crabs, lucas and I brought them all the way from Cotabato.

We had several days and nights out eating. The family also spent two days and one night at Costabella Resort to swim and chill out.

At Grand Con courtesy of Cebu Service Parts.

 At Costabella 

For this trip, Lucas was most happy to be angkong to his grandkids.
And Lucas was most happy to be angkong to his grandkids.