Friday, December 15, 2017

Continuing the Chronicle...Belated Birthday Celebration

In the evening of November 17, 2017, my second son Tom belatedly celebrated his birthday at Mansion Grill. Since my siblings and some of their children had begun to arrive Cebu separately on the 17th, Tom took this opportunity to belatedly celebrate with his office mates, family and maternal kins. I did not know until the singing of the birthday song, that Tom had included me as a celebrant. That was the reason why he invited all my siblings and their children. My siblings in attendance were Theng, Helen and her son Bernard, Boy and Diane and their sons Miguel and Martin, Ollie and Solan, (Jeannette and her grand daughter Kay, Jun and Jean were still on flight) but Jeannette's daughter and her husband Raffy were present. 

It was a fun party. Very lively and gay. Tom's office mates were happily not ill at ease with us. The Ledesmas were a rowdy group, moveable and cheerful. Everybody was happily greeting everyone as though we hadn't seen each other for a long time. Hahaha. But most of all, they were very happy to see Roy and Marion, coming all the way from USA and New Zealand. On the other side of our tables, the office mates of Tom were equally enjoying their Friday night out. Hahaha. (Sorry was unable to take pictures of them.) It was indeed a fun night but after dinner and the chitchats, we had to get on moving soon. Many were still having travel lags. We could not stay too long at the party because tomorrow the 18th will be a busy day.

Tomorrow, November 18, in the morning, the bride and groom and the parents, would be meeting the wedding coordinator at Ayala for breakfast. Next item, after lunch, we would all be checking-in at our respective hotels. In the afternoon, Lucas and I would be hosting our kins to a museum tour. And in the evening, we would also be hosting a pre-nuptial dinner for our relatives and guests, who flew all the way to attend the wedding of Emil and Sui. Emil upon my instructions had actually arranged for 3 vans to shuttle us on November 18 for the tour and dinner.  Ciao,"See you all tomorrow!"

 The birthday boy and his kuya Roy.
 Me and my family were seated at this side of the room.
 Tom and his family and mother-in-law Luz.
 With Ollie and Solan, Wilson and Diane
 The young ones with my husband Lucas. Hahaha
 Helen, Desa, myself, Raffy and Theng
 Blowing our birthday candles. Wishing for more good times to come.

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