Thursday, December 14, 2017

A Chronicle of Happy Family Events

 Arriving Cebu:
The wedding of Emil and Sui was to be held on November 19, 2017 in Cebu City. Since Lucas and I were in Cotabato, we had to fly to Manila first for the wedding preparations. We went to Manila on November 12 so as to be able to fit my gown and bring all my shoes in one duffle bag. Also to properly wrapped my family engagement package to Sui and to prepare for other errands. Hehehe.

On November 16, together with Martha, we flew to Cebu. It was a hectic day for Tom and Emil (both of them residing in Cebu) who took turns fetching all family members arriving from different places in one day: 1. Roy arrived in the early morning from Seattle. 2. Luz Co (Tom's mother-in-law) arrived before noon from Manila. 3. Marion arrived in the afternoon from New Zealand. 4. Mr. John Sarmiento (Sui's father) and his family arrived Cebu from Vietnam on the same night flight with us.

My family (except for Emil) was hurdled at Tom's condominium apartment. Lucas and I, and Roy took the guest room. Luz Co slept with Tom and his family at the master bedroom, while Martha and Marion and Ann (the househelp) slept at the sala. It was crowded but it was family. We were actually living the cramped and camping liked life style of the past. Nobody complained. Hahaha.

I brought food for the family. Our first breakfast was homemade suman with pork, brought all the way from Cotabato. My children just loved them. I also bought special siopao from Manila. Wow, my food once they were laid out on the table, were all gone. I also cooked bihon guisado and made herbal native chicken soup. I loved to see all of them eat with gusto. This was my family and I love to feed them. Maybe it was just the mother and home maker that was me.

 Having breakfast at Tom's condo unit.
 Going to the grocery for supplies.
 Mother and daughter: Luz Co and Angel Co Tan

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