Friday, December 22, 2017

A Chronicle......The Wedding Reception

The wedding reception of Emil and Sui-ling was held at Shangrila, Mactan. The couple planned the reception to be intimate and memorable. They invited about 140 guests only, no children except for Dylan, Yuri and Precious (Sui youngest sister from Vietnam). After the wedding ceremony, the bride and groom moved from Marco Polo Hotel to stay at Shangrila Resort Mactan, together with the groom's siblings and some friends. Since it was decided before hand that there would be no liquor served during the party because of some liquor issue, Emil and Sui instead opted to have an after wedding dinner drinks with siblings, cousins and close friends at the bar. My children and some of Emil's friends moved to stay from Marco Polo to Shangrila as well, to enjoy the after dinner drinks with the couple. They invited Lucas and me to stay overnight at the resort too, but no, we had to go back to Quest to be with our own out-of-town guests. Let the young ones enjoy themselves.

For for the reception, Sui-Ling  put on a big lavender colored flower on the left side of her hair. She was truly a beautiful radiant bride in sight. Diverting from the norm, the bride and groom instead of sitting down, did their own hosting. They were emcees of their own wedding reception. Emil and Sui performed one dance before dinner. During dinner, there were entertainments like pre-nuptial video, ballet, violin play and vocals from friends who volunteered for the wedded couple. That evening, Mr. John Sarmiento took to the floor and danced with her daughter. And to cap the evening's affair, very uniquely, (My first time to witness) the night's program culminated by a delightfully lively line-dance; done by the bride herself, her bride's maids and friends. (I was secretly told to join the line dance but alas, I couldn't because of a sprained ankle.) For me, it was totally a unique, beautiful and memorable wedding party.

 At the reception hall.
 The bride and groom
 Emil and Sui hosting their own wedding reception.
 The couple dancing.
 Mr. John Sarmiento dancing with her daughter.
 Heddy, Lucas, Nelly and Abra at the reception.
 The wedding menu
 The menu
 Pictures courtesy of Luz Co. This salad was simply divine.
 One of the main dishes, rack of lamb.
 Second main course, chicken dish with mushroom sauce.
 Cousins of the groom enjoying their after dinner drinks.
After dinner group and friends. Champagnes courtesy of Raffy and Desa See.

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