Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Feeling Blue.....

I went to Manila on February 27 to visit my daughter Martha, at the same time for purposes of seeing an eye doctor and a dentist for check up, among many other minor errands. I enplaned alone and left my husband Lucas in Cotabato. In Manila my daughter Martha was having colds and cough due to allergies. I slept with her in her room. When I woke up, she was already out for work. Martha, being an industrial engineer (a black belter six sigma), works for a company that provides consultancy and services for different industries, hence she goes to work visiting different firms everyday. She goes as far as Laguna, Las Pinas, Taguig, Pasig etc. After work, she attends company meetings too. After work, she also plays tennis and trains for group tournament. She is such a hard working person, taking great responsibility with whatever she is doing. Martha and her twin, Marion (in New Zealand) were raised since infancy with maids and other house helps attending to their needs. But my two girls despite their easy domestic life, were academically and professionally driven and were very conscientious in their endeavors and undertakings. With regards to Martha, I know she is well compensated, she is happy with her work and enjoys time with her friends. I am so very proud of her, yet as a mother, how I wish that she had an easier profession with a good husband to take care of her. But as we all know, a mother's wish does not always come true. Henceforth I was feeling a little blue while I was in Manila.

Other things that added to my sadness were.......
1. That my sister Helen was physically not very mobile. She had a fall last year and had a partial hip replacement. With her weak knees and arthritis, she was not able to regain her former gait. She walked with two canes. One on the right and another one on the left, with most of her hands carrying the body load. Seeing her in such condition made my heart sank. Before we used to go out malling and shopping together, These times, our activity together has become limited.
2. This particular trip, I was not able to meet most of my siblings because each one of them was busy with his own business. Not bonding with them made me a little sad though.
3. And the thought of growing old, going for eye check-up and scheduling a cataract operation, just made me miserable. Although I should be really so much thankful that my eye check up went well, no glaucoma and retina problems as I previously feared. Thank you my God.
4. When I came home to Cotabato, I still continue to worry much about Martha's hectic schedule, plus the water crisis that everybody is experiencing in Metro Manila. I am such a worrywart really!
5. My maids in Manila are not as capable as my previous helpers. I really want to replace them right now, but I am not doing it because there are no replacement yet. Hehe.
5. And I came back home to Cotabato to tackle new domestic helpers problem here. Oh no, not again! This is a yearly occurrence right now in every household.
6. Right now, I am having colds and cough. Will problems never end? Would you fault me if I am feeling blue? I really should start counting my blessings after this......

Oh God, Please help me! I know you will. Love You.

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